Rachel’s first theme park.

July 14, 2010

I took Rachel to a theme park yesterday.  I have to say, it was very British. Peeling (occasionally creepy) fibreglass animals, animatronic dancing snowmen,  staff who could have been dinner ladies at my school, and a cafe selling cups of tea in polystyrene cups that reinforced the drizzle and chill of a British summer day.

But there was no uberselling, no overpriced crappy merchandise targetted at kids- no ‘we have you hostage and now we are going to make your purse bleed’-whole day cost £20.

If you are 3, enormous indoor play centres, houses from your favourite fairytales, a real pirate ship, fibreglass lollipop castles, tractors you feel like you are driving and rocky road trains…awesome. If you are there with everyone from your nursery AND your mum- AMAZING.

By the time I had deposited Rachel unconscious into bed at her dads, I felt like I had been clubbed over the head, and may have fallen asleep before the take away I ordered arrived. I might eat it for breakfast.


One comment

  1. wow that makes a brilliant change from the normal thems parks where you need a mortgage to take your kids these days

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