What have I been up to?

August 15, 2010

It’s been a while. Last time I spoke to you, I don’t think I had anywhere to live yet. In fact, calling this year one of the most difficult I have had in a while, would be the understatement of the century.

Anyway, while I was househunting, I did a lot of wandering about. I spoke to a lot of people- ostensibly to figure out what we were going to do next. Then out of the blue, a house came up. A week before we were due to leave our old house.

An affordable house. A house five minutes from Rachel’s school. And we moved in. And it is wonderful.

Heating that actually warms up your house. Heating bills which don’t rival the debt of a third world country. Fixtures and fittings that stay where they are supposed to, and don’t snag your daughters skin if she trips over. A slight snag when I realised why you shouldn’t mix friendship and money..but hey ho, you live you learn.

A funny thing was happening while I was househunting. I was looking around, and thinking about the economy. (As you do?) and a plan started to form.

I started to look at the copywriting work I had been getting, and this plan developed.

While I was moving, I started to seek advice. Lots and lots of advice. My embryonic idea turned into a vague business plan. A friend offered to rent me an office. Business Link turned out to be one of the greatest government initiatives I have ever come across.

My vague business plan turned into a living document, gradually fleshing out into a plan to get this thing off the ground. People started to approach me about what they could do.

If unemployment is going to hit us hard round here, and the public sector cuts mean there is an ever expanding pool of skills. If businesses need support that isn’t going to bleed them dry- then surely there must be a way of bringing together those skills, with the businesses who need them?

And Calder People Ltd was born

So we launch on the 21st of September.

I have moments of sheer panic. I can’t quite believe I am doing it. Then I look at the people around me, and realise they are doing most of it. I am just bringing them together.

Is more fun than I have had in ages.

So thanks to all those people. In particular, James Howard, Richard Roberts, Lucy Tatum, Jason Elliot, and Peter White! And thank you to all those people I have harrassed for advice. Here is hoping next year is more fun than the last.



  1. Good Luck with the business! – Good to see you’re paying a living wage 😉

    • MORE than the living wage. Just for information. Always MORE than the living wage.

  2. Best of luck with it all Lisa – the move and the business.

    A suggestion for Calder people – do you have a spreadsheet expert? From experience many small companies lack people who really know how to hammer Excel, but don’t want to engage a software company for what is often just a day’s work. I know this from the many favours neighbours have asked me for in the past who know my computing background!

  3. Wow – that is all so hugely exciting! So much happening so fast. Best of luck with your new venture.

  4. >madamemuffin says….
    super fab and brill, i’ll be keeping an eye out for your progress and action > good luck!!!

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