Yet another blogger’s thoughts on William Hague. Brief.

September 2, 2010

Guido Fawkes. Guido Fawkes does a certain type of blogging. It isn’t a site I enjoy. But he does what he does, and it is slightly weird that  this is somehow worse than the rest of the vileness on there. It isn’t. Bloggers like Guido serve a purpose.

Christopher Myers– why has he lost his job exactly?

William Hague’s sexuality: Who gives a toss? It is bad enough that men who look and sound like that actually have sex. I don’t really see how their choice of partner is anyone’s business. I certainly don’t want to think about it for prolongued periods of time.

The media obsession with Hague’s sexuality. Andy Coulson barely makes the front page, yet I now know where William Hague buys his baseball caps.  Hmm.

Memo to media. THe reason ‘outing’ fell out of favour, is because it is homophobic shit. Most people think it’s shitty. Dressing it up as an expenses/staff costs scandal, does not stop it being shitty.

NB Additional Memo to David Laws- Chief Secretary to Treasury being asked to resign after defrauding the taxpayer of £40k is not homophobia, however much you spin it to be so.

And finally…

If my husband  used my grief  as political capital to deflect attention from rumours about his sexuality. I would render his sexuality an irrelevance. I would fucking kill him.

Fertility is evidence of heterosexuality now? Eh?

PS. Christopher Myers is quite hot in a weird way.



  1. I couldn’t agree more with your comments about this subject especially about the David Laws resignation .
    I have never read Guido Fawks so can comment on what they write .
    Well said and i hate people using heatbreaking familly moments to prove points ect

  2. This particular blog of Guido Fawkes though included some truly ghastly comments. It made the comments on your average YouTube video look erudite. I think that’s what a lot of people objected to.

    I agree that mentioning his wife’s grief (& presumably his) was too much but I read it was an explanation for the strain on his marriage – certainly not as ‘heterosexual’ proof, I don’t think anyone did.

    Don’t quite see the relevance of how he looks and sounds but hey, he’s a Tory right?

    • Nah- the attractiveness thing goes across the political spectrum. I think it’s why we are so fascinated by political sex scandals. Remember 2-Jags? Or John Major? You want to consider their sex lives for prolongued periods of time?

      • Thanks – I’ve not had my breakfast yet! David Mellor… oh no…

      • *shudder*

        Re:Guido. Honestly- the vileness is fairly usual. Horrible site.

  3. “If my husband had used my grief as political capital to deflect attention from rumours about his sexuality. I would render his sexuality an irrelevance. I would fucking kill him.”

    Rather nicely put.

  4. I originally assumed he mentioned the mcs to show that anymore stress would be unfair. I imagine it was Ffion’s decision too.

    Never occurred to me it was a demonstration that he was heterosexual. But later it was mentioned that it had been insinuated that them not having children was an indication he was gay.

    It was unfortunate he felt he had to talk about it, and he was very badly advised. Don’t think it’s a case of ‘poor’ Ffion though – he wouldn’t have said it if she hadn’t thought it might help the situation.

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