About me and this blog.

My name is Lisa Ansell.

I write about the things I think about, and the world gives me plenty to think about. Quite a lot of my time is occupied with a three-year-old and a cat, so they get a fair few mentions. I spend a lot of time thinking about the world I live in.

I am as likely to blog about breakfast with my daughter, as the way the media is changing the world in front of my eyes. I think it’s all worth thinking about – sometimes I just link to stuff I think is interesting.

My opinions change as I learn more, which is as it should be. I promise to warn if it is a rant, and I really like hearing what people think. Even if they don’t agree with me.

I am busy setting up Calder People Ltd, but still like getting commissions and am available for commercial copywriting.

All comments are moderated – you can contact me by leaving a message under any post, email me at lisaansell7@gmail.com, or I am on twitter @lisaansell.

Oh, and don’t feed the trolls. I don’t delete comments; I think the nasty ones show us something, even if it isn’t what they intend to show.

I say don’t feed them… but sometimes it’s fun. I rarely edit the blog, and I rant really quickly. This may not be your type of blog if commas offend.

I write for:

Comment is Free (Guardian)


The F Word

Liberal Conspiracy



  1. Thats not quite true is it? The last time I disagreed with you, you started swearing at me in print, using four letter words.

    • I don’t recall you posting before? Another email perhaps?

  2. 23:21 08 June 2010
    Rather novel idea – Two ‘layer’ tweets. But, as you will be aware, a minute in a time-line can be very long time indeed.

    Never has so much of the public purse been turned over to the private sector. I didn’t vote for the private sector- they are supposed to
    7 minutes ago via web

    40 miscellaneous tweets – then along comes…

    .be in it for the money.
    6 minutes ago via web

    Nice to see you using WordPress, me is quite a fan. Maybe better if you had your own website and hosted it on that. Little more independence eh?

    Regards, Michael

    • One might have been a joke….it helps if you contextualise.

  3. I always wondered about the truth behind the Thompson Venables case. I wondered at the time. I am in no wise surprised that Venables, despite everything, made good progress according to a senior psychiatrist. Anybody who followed the case and saw beyond the hysteria and lust for revenge and the disgraceful antics of the justice minister could see that Thompson was become a little psychopath, horribly abused himself, but that Venables was something else–easily led, –I suspect he may have had ADHD or even Aspergers. But in fact a very strong conscience and yearning for redemption.

    Their are plenty of moral hypocrites howling for blood. Is there any friendship or support group for Venables?

  4. Dear Lisa,
    I have just found your blog via the link from the Equality Trust site.

    Contact Elizabeth Finn Care : http://www.elizabethfinncare.org.uk/

    You are a professional woman who has been driven into poverty by circumstances beyond your control :(the same happened to me).
    Seek thier advice; they are wonderful : I couldn’t live without their help.

    Good luck and best wishes,

  5. Lisa, read your ‘budget and me’ post. Brilliant stuff. I’d love to set myself up in copy-writing and wondered how you went about it. Has to be better than job seekers’ allowance! Any advice gratefully received!

  6. […] Deeply Flawed But Trying. Running its course 15 months later, the writer is now working as a copywriter and setting up her own […]

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