BBC News at 10

July 2, 2010

The cracks appearing in the coalition because of the AV referendum….ooh er missus.

Like buggery is AV  the issue which brings cracks in the coalition into relief. Labour would have had a referendum on it, Libs wanted PR, and the Conservatives would have had to do something had they formed a minority government. Some kind of electoral reform was the one certain outcome of this election. An AV referendum is certainly not the victory for Clegg, that the press releases Newsnight are working from describe.

Football news; England weren’t ‘mishandled’- they performed in exactly the same way they have performed in every single world cup I can remember, we are just not great in that competition. Or any others.

In other news, some people have confessed to being Russian.

Science news. An orchestra will be retelling the story of Icarus, which in some way relates to cosmology.

THe banking crisis in europe didn’t get a mention. Must be done with.

You ever think an early night is in order?

*added later

Stayed up to watch Newsnight. ‘Newsnight do football’ is interesting. Lots of ‘interesting dualities’ and ‘cultural frameworks’…I want Paxman in an england shirt.

Newsnight also featured a ‘debate’ about AV. Ed Milibland said they were missing the big picture. THey were. So was he.


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