This really is the ‘get women out of work’ budget.

June 29, 2010

My friend rang me. She is fairly unhappy. 5 years out of her CV won’t have that much of an effect…surely. Not in a labour market so heavily geared towards women with kids?

Imagine you have just had a baby. Your wife wants to go back to work. Childcare will be £6/700 a month. Your wife will earn £9500, because she is going part time. It takes you over the high earnings limit. You will be worse off if she goes back to work. So she doesn’t.

When does the high earnings level kick in?

What is it with marriage? My ex was great- but surely a universal assumption that all men should have their wives at home dependent on them is a bit dodgy?

Keeping people in marriages by keeping them at home, and dependent- that seems quite dangerous. Aren’t we against forcing people into relationships that may not be good for them?

I know this budget stuff might be getting a bit monotonous-but it’s having quite an effect round here. And blog reflects life. Promise it isn’t all whinging about benefits. Seriously though- WTF? Are we rolling back equality as well as the welfare state? Great. I thought we wanted women to work? Only the single ones?

Here’s hoping she can pick up those skills quickly if they ever split up.



  1. If you read Oliver James’ “They F*** You Up”, he suggests that one carer – whether mother/father/grandparent – should stay at home and look after a child for its formative years. He’s heavily critical of the policy of shoving kids into childcare. It’s an interesting read.

    From a personal perspective, we didn’t get any maternity/paternity pay nor any of that lovely leave others seem to get because we are a self-employed couple. We pay our taxes/NI etc. but very rarely do we see the benefits ourselves. We make it work though because we have no choice.

    • I didn’t get maternity benefits either. I was on student placement with the people who had employed me for past two years- but it was working for free- so lost entitlement to maternity pay through work- no maternity allowance either. Was a bitch, but like you say- we managed. Was a bit of a stretch, but James was earning. Would have liked to stay off longer- although to be fair-baby years weren’t as much fun as toddler years- so may have been better at work. Was lucky to work knowledge meant I realised early so saved half my salary for 5 months,

      To be honest, it was only when childcare kicked in, and savings ran out that we really felt the pinch. But like you say- in that weird bracket where you aren’t entitled to help. Is fair enough I suppose. The fact I can be blase probably says I didn’t need it.

      • I’m glad that we’re both self-employed because it’s meant that we’ve both been able to juggle our work about in order to suit each other. I’m proud to say we’re a 50/50 family. I can’t imagine putting M into childcare, not least it’s far too expensive. We’d rather sacrifice earning loads of money in order to have time with her. As long as we have a roof over our heads and healthy food, what more is there? Time is a far more precious commodity than money. 🙂

      • That;s my view. Her dad does a 9 day fortnight, would like to do less hours, isn’t really feasible in that job. Parenting together important= we have kind of pulled that off I think. Time important= am bit sad she is going to school really- liked being at home with her- an awful lot. Never saw myself as stay at home mum- but was worth it.

  2. It really does seem as if we’re about to go into a social recession as well as an economic one.

    To me, the ConDem cabinet are colluding with the perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence. Being financially dependent upon your abuser and taking away your safety net would make it even harder than it already is to leave an abusive relationship.

    Then of course, there’s the anonymity of rape defendents… According to statistics only 9% of rape allegations are false – exactly the same as the rate of false allegations for every other crime. Yet out of every 100 reported rapes only 6 defendents are convicted. Now, maths has never been my strong point but doesn’t that mean that 85% of rapists get away with it? So why send the message to juries that rape defendents need even more protection?

    Apologies for going off on a tangent. Societal abuse (or the use of majority male power in society to control women and minorities) is my hobbyhorse.

    • THat is pretty much what they are doing. They are appeasing the nutty right of the party, with women. Abortion will be next regardless of evidence released this week to show that fetus under 24 weeks feel no pain. I have never seen such a misogynistic agenda(not since Thatcher)- I said so during election and was told not to be dramatic. Anonymity for rape defendents, putting women in complete financial control of husbands, and abortion will be next. Bloody Dorries on the Health Select Committee.
      Anyway- thanks for reading.

      Did you know their christian donors spiked the week after they made a pledge in the Catholic Herald to place Christian Values at the heart of their agenda?

      • Unfortunately I don’t expect to see them selling all their possessions and giving the money to the poor, casting the moneylenders out of the temple, or heeding the parable of the shepherd with a hundred sheep who stole his neighbour’s only lamb to serve to his guests any time soon.

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