June 28, 2010

How does this happen? When Rachel was born, I breastfed her. Then I did the ‘baby led weaning'(which means doing nowt- giving them food to hold and seeing what they do with it…), she ate what I ate. She ate curries, soups, pies, stew, every vegetable imaginable. Her appetite was something to behold, and watching a 1 year old inhale more food than her dad, I thought I had cracked it.

I did that smug thing: when friends had kids who didn’t eat, I recited how my approach to diet meant that Rachel was not fussy, had a wide palette…uber mum.

So now I eat humble pie. My daughter has decided that she only eats weetabix, chocolate ice cream, and strawberries. Brocolli on occasion.

I have agonised, I have stressed at her, I have stressed at myself. I have been creative and imaginative.

I have now learned a valuable lesson.

NEVER look smugly at other parents who are having difficulty with something you think you have cracked. It will bite you in the bum and make you look a bit silly. And I will start buying bigger boxes of weetabix.

PS When I am boss of the world, weetabix are banned- or we will start using it instead of cement.



  1. It’s ridiculously mushy on its own, though. It only turns to the hardest substance known to mankind when remnants of it set solid on the sides of the cereal dish.

  2. Awful stuff. I tasted some of Rachels and god knows why people eat it. Crunch, soggy, then gelatinous- then when you are not looking it sets.
    It takes a razor blade to scrape that crap off the breakfast table. Eugh…

  3. Pretty common pattern of eating in my experience. I think if you give them a wide variety early on, they come back to it later. My older two have anyway. Youngest is a bit fussy but hopefully will improve. Totally right about the dangers of boasting and crediting yourself with all your children’s achievements – I did this with teenage boys (which I have two of) versus teenage girls, saying to friends that boys were harder when little but much easier as teenagers. This was proved wrong…

  4. Just crashing in hope you don’t mind!!
    they always choose the food that makes the most mess eh? weetabix would make great concrete.
    Mine will only eat bread or yoghurt at the moment, no matter what I offer or how many smiley faces I make with it! I wrote a similar post when it started and I got a reply from a lovely lady who tried everything to get her girl to eat. Despite her best efforts she’d only have uncooked macaroni. She made me feel so much better, so thought I’d pass that favour on 🙂

    • Lol- I like when people comment. Rachel will also eat white sliced bread. No butter. Just white sliced bread. Still, is easier to explain than RAW macaroni….this does make me feel much better. Weetabix getting banned soon as have taken up job as boss of the world.

  5. They all do it. My daughter existed on a diet of bananas, scrambled eggs, and marmite soldiers for about six months at the age of two. Never did her any harm.

  6. I have a very similar story. My daughter has the most bizarre palate. She’ll eat passata, grapefruit, blueberries, but not apples or very many vegetables. She seems to have survived in good health. She eats other stuff as well and the range of she’ll take has definitely widened a lot in the past couple of years.

    This was after being given the best of organic everything. Proper baby led weaning didn’t work for us – it was mushy veg for ages cos she wouldn’t eat lumps until she was over a year and, frankly, she would just have survived on my milk alone if she could have got away with it for the first couple of years.

    I was always determined that food was never going to become a battleground. As a child it was for me and I would never put anyone else through that.

  7. We’re hoping to do blw too starting in a few weeks. It all makes so much sense on paper – I was almost getting smug just for thinking about it. Good to hear some real experience and to see that ultimately these things don’t really make too much difference!

    • Do you know, am not sure it does make that much of a difference=not that justified how much you stress about it. TO be fair it wasn’t entirely baby led weaning- it was more lazy weaning. At about 6 months she ate pureed veg, and sticks of boiled and roast veg and toast- was more that I just left her to it- I figured if breastfeeding it didn’t matter=she was getting enough elsewhere(or formula=-whatever).
      We stress too much about what our babies eat- they are people- not sure any nutritional benefit is worth the stress of getting caught up in it, and cant see the reason for the industry that has grown up round it.
      Buy bibs with sleeves- full body cover- also a plastic sheet…you’ll be fine. Many pic opps.

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