Footage from aboard the Mavi Marmara- (Flotilla).

June 14, 2010

Footage of Israel turning the boat into a bloodbath, long before they even attempted to board. Of frightened people. Some of them praying. People like you and me. On a boat with the Israelis firing indiscriminantly at them. While they tried to deliver aid. And had a radio announcement saying they had injured, and no guns, and please don’t shoot.   The footage is fairly distressing, it goes on for a long time before it ends. It ends when the commandos board the boat.

They do this because we let them. At what point does it cease to be about political subtleties, and historic alliances, god, and money, and begin to be about right and wrong?




  1. Until I saw this footage, I would have bet money that the catapults found onboard had been planted. Guess I was wrong to assume that the IDF were that way inclined. That part where they’re firing whatever, marbles or something at that enormous helicopter dropping commandos onto their ship. That’s the moment I’d be certain I was going to die.

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