Response from Professor William Ledger Re: Article in The Times

June 8, 2010

I wrote to Professor Bill Ledger, after I blogged about this article in the Sunday Times

Dear Ms XXX
I have been forwarded your email by staff at HFEA.
I am sorry that you found my comments quoted in the Sunday Times to be ‘appalling’. This was certainly not my intention. By describing these thankfully rare events as a ‘tragedy’ I felt I was properly describing the emotional trauma that these poor women must experience. I cannot comment on the rest of Lois Rogers’ article as I had no influence over it, but I did not believe that my comments were in any way demeaning or unsympathetic to the women (and their partners) involved. I’m sorry this caused offence.
Bill Ledger
— Professor William L Ledger
Academic Unit of Reproductive and Developmental Medicine
Level Four
Jessop Wing
University of Sheffield

If Lois Rogers had absolutely nothing to base her article on’, no information as to why this small number of pregnancies were ended, and  misrepresented the comments of the one professional she cited, what was the point?

Like most anti-abortion propaganda, the point was to keep public believing that women’s health services should be restricted, because women are not ethically competent to make decisions about abortion themselves. As usual, this was a non story- with no evidence to back it up.

A quick search through the work  of Ms.Rogers on the issues of IVF and abortion, show that this is quite a familiar pattern.

We get that you are anti abortion Ms.Rogers- if  you need to  make things up, and attack vulnerable women to get your point across, you probably don’t have one.

Funny, my comment pointing out the disparity between their article, and the sentiments expressed by Prof.Ledger didn’t get through on the comments section.



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  2. It never fails to stagger me that any woman could hold the views that Ms Rogers does. Rather than working for the sadly necessary long-term aim of equality of the sexes, this attitude gives bigots the opportunity to sit back and watch, and do nothing. This of course, is what they want. Being against abortion is one thing, but being against it also means giving away a woman’s personal control of her body, and I would have thought that that was the last thing any woman would want.

    • THis is a woman so respected that she gave evidence to Parliamentary committees- and this is just such blatant propaganda. It doesn’t matter about reality in the abortion ‘debate’- lie, say what you like- as long as it reinforces that women are not competent to decide whether they stay pregnant or not.

      I have friends who are anti-abortion- anti-abortion for yourself is one thing- assuming that you are better judged than a woman to decide whether she will go through pregnancy, and become a mother- is differnt. Spreading lies in national newspapers is also v different- especially when it is at the expense of v v vulnerable women.

  3. The comments on that article are bonkers. There’s an assumption that all IVF is NHS funded by some people, from others an assumption that it costs ‘a couple of grand’ – we paid about £8k for our last round of treatment and that was all our savings and then some. Suggesting that people can fund IVF by forgoing a big telly or a new car is nonsense – it presumes people can afford either of those things. There’s plenty of moralising and “they should be forced to…” type comments from people who would no doubt not like such intrusion into their own lives.

    Nowhere do I see any understanding that restricting terminations just results in botched, illegal abortions or people going abroad to get what they need. Or that IVF is a horrible, heartbreaking process but a necessary step on the path to a family for some couples.

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