David Vance

June 5, 2010

THis was the tweet from David Vance regarding  MV Rachel Corrie, the aid ship urrently headed to Gaza, with 6 Irish and 6 British citizens aboard.

”Hoping Israel deal with the MV Rachel Corrie – the Irish owned boat full of Hamas enablers. This time – no messing about. 11:34 PM Jun 2nd via TweetDeck”

Apparently shooting people delivering aid, at close range, in the head, is ‘messing about’.  If that is messing about-what precisely is this man wishing on British and Irish citizens?

I suppose the irony of wishing your countrymen dead, as part of a fight against ‘terrorism’ is lost on him.

*corrected after checked my facts- man isn’t an MP=was roundly trounced at election. Just another right wing joke who wishes British citizens to die in the name of er….. fighting ‘terrorism’…. That’ll teach me to check my facts, and not give too much credence to nutcases.



  1. Let’s Jan moir him – put the shout out on Twitter, write to your MP asking him/her to condemn the comment, let the papers know. Let’s get started.

    • You can if you want. Better things to do. I wrote a post, disgusted with something a public figure had just said.
      For what its worth- I don’t do faux outrage or twittermob- I was disgusted after being in conversation with this man- I didn’t know who he was, until he started. I am fairly honest in this blog- hence last paragraph about keeping my facts straight.And yeah,
      I think hoping that 12 people from the British Isles are dealt with with less messing about- than the people who were massacred last was fairly disgusting. As was him calling me a Hammas lover and an Anti-Semite, and someone who ‘enables’ terrorism. As for Jan Moir – was it twitter that caused that outrage? As I recall it started with the sunday papers- and charlton brooker. I see twittermob happening a lot- but occasionally people are outraged because they see something that is outrageous. THe idea that you can’t respond the way you actually feel to people saying disgusting things, in case you offend or are accused of mob mentality, isn’t that ‘political correctness gone mad’?
      And as for the ‘write to your MP’ quip-= you are damn right I write to my MP. I write to my MP asking their position on issues, I write to my MP when they or their party do something with MY country- that I object to. They work for you is a good name for that site- they DO work for you, and if more people remembered that, ‘they’ wouldn’t get away with half as much as they do, and we, as a nation, might not be in the situation we are in. Sorry if response comes across as brusque, have been up all night.

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