Rape anonymity- Kate Williams.

June 3, 2010

This says everything I wanted to say- better.

Added later: If Kate got her hands on this blog, there would be a lot less commas.



  1. Noone is suggesting that serial rapists such as Warboys should be protected by anonymity. How do you reconcile your undying support for anonymity for the victim with a blaze of publicity for the defendant before conviction? assuming he is even found guilty?

    • Lol-you moved onto the blog?haha! We have had this debate- been over it- you stamped your feet and told a barrister who writes policies for the police to take an OU law course. I don’t argue with cranks.

  2. The fact that you have blocked me on Twitter shows that you have lost the debate #loser

  3. Oh, and by the way luv, thought I would sympathise and leave you a comment because noone else does. Perhaps you could encourage your dog to read, it would double the readership of your blog.

  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1283234/One-man-killed-life-destroyed-All-girl-falsely-cried-rape-So-does-say-herself.html

    What do you think of this case? Do you think he received a fair trial? Was a trial necessary?

  5. well, sussexlads a charmer isnt he? and such a complex debater too! i wish i had commenters liek him.

    Thanks for the link to the article.

  6. blocking me on twitter is a cop out, and you know it! I see that you know as little about International Law as you do about Criminal Law. Perhaps you should take that course I recommended?

  7. Lol- he is a charmer. Sussex Lad- I blocked you after trying to debate with you, over several tweets. You didn’t grasp the points I was making, had absolutely no grasp of the legal principles at stake- and took the hump because a barrister, who writes national policies on improving rape convictions, recommended reading at least the Stern Report.

    I don’t argue with ctanks- and I blocked you on twitter because you were dull. Yes- I saw your link from the Daily Mail. If you put Rape into the Daily Mail search engine- you will find reams of stories about false allegations. The point is, like so many of the Daily Mails platforms- it isn’t actually based in facts.
    I offered you my email to debate this, I offered to talk to you when you had done some reading. I was prefectly reasonable- you showed that a) you are wilfully ignorant b) you have no argument to offer.

    You can stalk the blog if you like. I don’t mind. I woudl probably ask for a refund on that law course though.

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