Aftermath of the David Laws hiccup.

May 30, 2010

‘Chief Secretary to the Treasury resigns following fraudulent claim’ is a fairly damaging epitaph to a short political career.

Whizzkid Treasury official drummed out by rampant homophobia, at a heavy price to the country, slightly better.

David Laws isn’t going anywhere fast. His position as Chief Secretary to the Treasury was untenable, because of the relation of his offence, to his position.

He will pop back up with a different job soon enough, the waters around the end of his last post muddy enough that his reputation remains intact.

Lets face it, the revolving door between banks and the treasury, means that he doesn’t even need to be an MP to have influence there.

Methinks he has come out of a sticky situation rather well, although the questions this raises about our inability to think straight when the idea of a man having sex with another man crops up, are quite disheartening.

Politics is a grubby business.



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lisa and Lisa, Lisa. Lisa said: https://deeplyflawedbuttrying.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/aftermath-of-the-david-laws-hiccup/ Aftermath of David Laws hiccup. […]

  2. Though there is undoubtedly a huge undercurrent of homophobia in the British political and media worlds his position still would have been dificult to defend if he had been hetrosexual and the partner involved a woman. With the upcoming budget and cuts to be and already announced his position was untenable.

    • There is absolutely no question of his position being untenable- and it is rather ‘lucky’ for Mr.Laws that the stink of homophia has muddied teh waters on this issue.

  3. Whichever sexuality, there are ways to be discreet about love life which don’t involve ripping off the public

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