More thoughts Re:David Laws

May 29, 2010

David Laws expenses story does deserve singling out.

This is an issue of definitions for accounting, definitions for accounting are fairly black and white, and to misrepresent your circumstances for accounting purposes is something which has a cost to the taxpayer. Offsetting fraudulent claims against unclaimed amounts isn’t really allowed on your tax return, or will the Treasury be making that change?

How the Chief Secretary to the Treasury conducts his relationship is irrelevant. In terms of accounting-he was, by definition cohabiting with someone-and if he doesn’t know the difference in relation to his personal finances, he shouldn’t be in charge of the nation’s.

*added later- As a country, we don’t appear to be able to think straight when homosexuality comes into the equation. We really need to get past it. That’s a reflection of us, and not a reflection on David



  1. Fair point in second paragraph. Think there’s still an issue around definition of spouse/partner in the rules but the Parlt Standards folk will decide on that.

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