Rest in Peace.

May 27, 2010

I heard the news about the deaths of Susan Rushworth, Suzanne Blamires and Shelley Armitage, and cried. I don’t particularly feel I want to add anything today, although the angry part of me wants to wax lyrical about service provision, and the unfairness of the lives of vulnerable women in Bradford who face ‘choices’ I will never have to contemplate.

I won’t add that for now, nor will I qualify their names with words like ‘sex worker’, or ‘prostitute’- because tht is not all they were.

These young women were murdered, and my heart goes out to their children, their families, their friends, and the people of Bradford.



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  2. http://peterreynolds.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/its-not-drugs-its-drug-laws-that-killed-the-bradford-girls/

    It’s our drug laws and cowardly politicians that are responsible for these girls’ deaths

    • Agreed. But ultimately the murderer is responsible, and it isn’t the drug laws that create the attitude to women that allows women who are in this position to be hurt with impunity. The problems faced by girls who are part of the sex trade go a lot deeper than drugs laws, and go back a lot further. Although yes- drug service provision in Bradford, and the criminally unwise drug policies we have as a country= have certainly not helped matters.

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