Picture the scene….

May 27, 2010

We are sat on the rocks next to a shallow stream. Rachel is soaked to the skin from paddling, and the trees shade us from the sunlight which dapples the ground.

Rachel and my boyfriend are assessing the suitability of rocks in terms of their interaction with the water. James looking for small flat stones to skim, Rachel looking for boulders which will create satisfying splashes.

James is explaining to Rachel how the rivers and streams  allow all the plants, trees, birds, and bugs we can see, to thrive- in a beautiful monologue which shows a deep fascination and respect for the world around us. Rachel appears to be listening intently.

James finishes. Rachel pats him on the head and says ‘you are right James, clever boy’, she turns to me and says- ‘Mummy, do you like my Hannah Montana hat’.


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