500 faces of Hebden Bridge

May 27, 2010

A man called Jason Elliot took my photograph yesterday for the 500 faces of Hebden Bridge project.

Hebden Bridge is 500 years old this year. I have lived in towns where celebrations of important milestones have totally passed me by. Obviously I noticed, but they are usually affairs organised by people I have never met, attended by ‘members of the community’ I have never heard of.

THis one is a bit different. Jason Elliot is taking the pictures of 500 members of the local community. Not just people who are on the council- but the people you see every day walking around town. Looking through the pictures he has taken, I can see people I know, the people who actually do form our local community. The people who work in shops, behind bars, friends of mine- their kids. We are a small town, and 500 people covers a lot of ground.

A project the community actually has ownership of.

Anyway I think that is worth blogging about.

These are the pictures he took of me.

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  1. Cool pic’s!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lisa, Lisa. Lisa said: https://deeplyflawedbuttrying.wordpress.com/2010/05/27/500-faces-of-hebden-bridge/ 500 faces of Hebden Bridge. […]

  3. Wow! Didnt know there was 500 people in Hebden Bridge? LOL

  4. I like the Photographer’s presence in the second(?) photo (extra tea mug).

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