I am very naiive.

May 11, 2010

Noone won the election, that much is clear.

Britain is still in the midst of an economic crisis, and whoever is in government, cuts are needed that have never been imagined. Without public support, these kind of cuts will be the catalyst for national instability.

The discussions around Lib/Con, Lib/Lab pacts, have both been shown to be fraught with difficulty-with both being the source of concern within the party, and from the electorate. Neither would have the type of support necessary to succeed.

None are in a position to fight an election.

A minority Conservative government would not provide stability, unless all parties agreed that it was necessary.

We had a cross party coalition during the war, because the scale of the problems the country faced demanded it.

No party has the means or the stability to fight an election, and noone won this one. For all the discussion, the election result was very very clear.

Given the seriousness of the situation, is it not time that ALL parties sat round a table. Not negotiating a pact, but accepting that nobody won, and Britain needs stable government. Even if that government is a cross party coalition for a year.

Labour and the Conservatives were fully able to put ideaological differences aside to force through the digital bill, the Iraq war, the deregulation of the banks-is it naiive to say that they should be able to do the same now?

Winning is a poisoned chalice anyway. Whoever has to make these cuts renders themselves unelectable regardless. Maybe is in everyones interests to work together, without excluding any party.



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  2. Given that the main challenge (other than electoral reform) is the economy and the difference in economic policy and priorities between the two main parties, a grand coalition would be completely crippled and would not achieve anything.

  3. But that appears to be the case with every other option as well.

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