Lisa Mitchell on why she is voting Labour.

May 5, 2010

I have always found it rather easy to articulate my views on why I am a Labour party supporter and why I shall be voting for them in this general election, however I would like to first of all make it clear that I am under no illusion about the scale of cuts, rise in taxes and generally nasty things coming in the next few years no matter which party is in charge. I certainly do not see the Labour party through rose tinted glasses, nor do I see them as a sort of saviour for our country like some other labour members I have had the pleasure to speak with throughout this general election campaign. However, I do feel a certain attachment to the Labour party and its policies, and a revulsion with the Conservative party, therefore Labour has always been my choice at the polling station and will be in this coming election.

I’ll be honest with you, when I first started coming into politics I was drawn to the Labour party by three things. A little controversially the heyday of Tony Blair, his charismatic smile, the fact that his constituency was in the North East where I am from and my general love of him as a politician. Less controversially I inherited my political views from my grandfather an ex -miner who I respect and love, who has been a Labour man all his life, and who I can remember getting lectures on how Thatcher was the devil from a very young age. Thirdly however these two influence made me go and investigate Labour policies and values and I found that everything I believed in seemed to be articulated in these policies, from the introduction of a minimum wage, to increased funding to state schools. I saw Labours current slogan ‘A Future fair for all’ all around me. I have seen how people including me can flourish with a little help from their government, some people cannot just be left to do some things by themselves because it saves us money.

This I suppose leads me to another reason to vote Labour, which is my revulsion with the Conservative party. One of my main problems this time round is Cameron’s insistence on calling Britain broken. The kind of people he points at when he tries to prove this point , the divorced, the unemployed, the working class, they are members of my family. But if he came and took a closer look he would see that we are anything but broken, the things that we have been through have made us strong, and I want a government that will help us translate this strength into aspiration and mobility. I believe that out of all of the parties Labour can do this, because it has with me and many others like me already. Which is why I feel it is so important to vote tomorrow, and more so it is important to vote for Labour.

Lisa Mitchell

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  2. An excellent, well written and commendable opinion of a young lady who was fortunately brought up in a very caring family. Her grandfather informed her well. Well done Lisa.

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