How to spot a fundamentalist Christian Lobby Group in your news. A guide.

April 29, 2010

THere will be a story about someone advocating discrimination-usually against gay people. Or refusing to deliver health services. Or teach facts.

The story will usually obfuscate basic legal principles. Like – you aren’t allowed to use your business or services to discriminate. You will hear that active homophobic discrimination is personal religious expression. As is active restriction of someone elses healthcare services. Or refusing to teach.

Here is one. Here is another. THere are many.

Google the person in the story who has mounted their unsuccessful legal challenge.

They will always be represented by the Christian Legal Centre. And they will always be publicised by Christian Concern for Our Nation. If it is a medical professional, they will be a member of the Christian Medical Fellowship. Lots of legal language used, lots of impressions that these are actually issues to debate.

THis is not about religious belief. This is concerted political lobbying by groups of right wing bigots. Bigotry and christianity are not the same thing.



  1. […] that claiming persecution has become a cottage industry for Christians in the UK. See also How to spot a fundamentalist Christian lobby group in your news, where you're encouraged to spot a pattern developing. The Evangelical Alliance would like these […]

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