Am happy.

April 22, 2010

Last night I wrote a blog post about the all out Clegg-attack from the right wing press. This morning, the whole country was up in arms about it. The feedback loop on news is now seconds, not days, not weeks. People in this country were up in arms, because the right wing press did what they have always done. Instead of walking past a newstand ‘tutting’, news is discussed, in detail, immediately. Publicly.

Rebekah Wade and James Murdoch were so rattled, they stormed over to the office of the Independent to create hell.

Since Obama got in, Murdoch’s influence over the Whitehouse has disintegratating, and has used Fox to wage all out war on Obama. In the UK, an election is now being fought where being Murdoch being against you could be an advantage.

This is the first election in my lifetime, where victory has not depended on Rupert Murdoch backing you. Indeed- not having his backing might be an advantage?

THis makes me happy. Very happy. Change is possible.

I am not entirely convinced by Nick Clegg, but this is momentous.


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