Reasons not to be apathetic- 4

April 21, 2010

I don’t have a penis.

This election was billed as the election of the ‘women’s vote’. So far, we have seen wives portrayed as docile chattels. By the Labour Party’s own admission-female politicians have been marginalised. Cameron has turned women’s health services, and abortion, into an election issue, and wants women financially penalised for leaving their husbands.

Women cannot afford to be apathetic if this is the state of politics. ‘Mumsnet’ election, my arse.



  1. The two wives in question, Cameron and Brown, seem to have been only too happy to go along with being portrayed as chattels.

    This isn’t an all-men-are-bastards issue, it’s some women choosing to go along with this for their own advantage. Treating women as chattels will only stop when women stop colluding with it, when they stop letting little boys believe this is the way to behave and when they stop rewarding it.

  2. Absolutely. It isn’t an all men are bastards issue- it is an issue of a political system that demonstrably marginalises women, both in terms of policies and politicians.

  3. It’s so patronising it beggars belief. I’m a mother *and* a small business owner, so why the chuff should I care more about schools than the economy just because I’m female?

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