Had a moment

April 12, 2010

I had a weird moment this afternoon.

Rachel and I were playing in the carpark near my house-she has her first bike.

I was watching her riding along, pleased as punch, on a pink bloody bicycle with a princess bell- and I just felt sick.

Not because she hasn’t mastered braking, and thinks riding into walls is a good way to stop.

While she rode, I was reading the letter from her new school detailing the uniform requirements, taster sessions, and introductory visits.

It dawned on me that this is it. In September she will be starting school. The baby who was still in nappies 8 months ago, and whose pram sits under my kitchen table, is going to school.

I felt sick. For about three seconds, I felt like the world was falling in.

How can I have wished away so much? I have spent hours wishing away time. Sometimes because I am tired, sometimes frustrated, sometimes just reminiscing about disposable income, no tantrums,  and free time.

This is the last spring my baby will be at home with me, definitely no longer a baby.

Am obviously excited about this new chapter-but I really wish I had made the most of the old one, or known how quickly it would pass.



  1. My youngest starts school full time next September. I thought I couldn’t wait to start clawing my life back, but actually I feel a bit bereft too. She seems too small. All of a sudden, it’s just too soon

  2. My little girl will also be starting ‘Big School’ in September. I also have a one year old boy and was just thinking yesterday that oddly I can not picture her as that age again and yet it seems only five minutes ago that she was learning to walk and talk. It is true that time does go faster the older you get and also when you Have children the weeks seem to fly by.
    Luckily she is ready for school and very keen to go. It will give me much more time to spend with my boy though which will be lovely.

  3. My youngest starts school in September, I am in denile!

  4. Running into walls is an highly effective method of stopping.

  5. And therein lies why I have 5 children. It happens to me every time and it’s so hard handing them over. I’ll be there to hold your hand on the big day xxx

  6. Everything with children ends quickly once it’s ended. But on the nights or days of screaming tantrums, those feel like long long slow days. You didn’t wish it all away, it did that on it’s own.

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