April 7, 2010

HAve been very busy this week, so I have  question.

Am I to understand that a video which clearly illustrated how we are conducting ourselves in the Middle East barely made the news?

The bill that was supposed to provide the backbone of our digital economy-a bill opposed by everyone within that economy and which protects the corporate interests of few obscenely wealthy people, who are showing they can’t adapt to that economy- was passed.

A bill which was the equivalent of letting the scribes dictate how the guttenberg press should be used, and has the potential to restrict the communication of millions at the whim of those interests-how the fuck was that bill passed- with not so much as a decent debate?

Our option for change are pushing the agenda of christian right,  and their advisors  are figuring out how to suck a few million in profit from massive cuts they propose, and the best way to hand over our public services to profiteers?

This election is a pantomime performed to mask the fact that democracy in this country may not be fit for purpose. Voters are held in contempt.



  1. It’s an election….a good day to bury bad news, as the saying goes….cunts.

  2. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lisaansell: https://deeplyflawedbuttrying.wordpress.com/2010/04/07/question/ Question. Is poss a rant, but is brief….

  3. > This election is a pantomime performed to mask the fact
    > that democracy in this country may not be fit for purpose.

    > Either that, or our two main parties hold the people who
    > vote for them in absolute contempt.

    Surely it’s both?

    • You are absolutely right- was written in a rush!

      • Think I slightly preferred the first draft; it’s the two main parties that’ve gamed this one.

        There would’ve been many more votes in favour, but the Tories were whipped to abstain, apparently.

        And a lot of Lib Dems couldn’t make it back for the vote and/or knew they’d lose regardless. Awful bill, pushed through against precedent in the last week of a Parliament, needs to be repealed asap.

        Hi, found you via Twitter, moved up here recently and got involved in Hilary’s campaign after I was convinced Booth couldn’t win at all, it’s very weird to be so involved and fed up at the same time. Still, she’s definitely on side with fixing it if elected, which is nice.

      • Yeah- have been looking at Steph Booth. She is local- she is socialist at heart, and I like her- but really am not sure can bring self to vote Labour. Really not sure I can. Going to email her, and Lib Dem with a few questions I think.

      • From what I’ve seen, Booth is very much a party line supporter as is, doesn’t seem to actually disagree with anything.

        Having got to know Hilary well last 2 years, she’s from a left wing/Labour background, but very much a liberal of the left. I honestly think she’s one of the best candidates I’ve worked with, and I’m very happy with her positions.

        Would be very interested to see Qs and As from all candidates on various local sites, I think it makes for a better election if there’s a more thorough debate.

  4. 5% of MPs attended the debate. 189 out of 650 MPs voted for this bill. And yet we fight wars in what we claim to be the name of “Democracy”. How hypocritical.

    Stephen Timms, a prominent figure in pushing this bill through, believes that an “IP” Address is an “Intellectual Property” address. This is just one example of the chronic lack of knowledge around this subject shown by those who have the power to make these decisions, and is as worrying as the draconian nature of the bill itself.

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