Collateral Murder

April 6, 2010


This is how we fight wars now. We invade, and pretend we are liberating. We denounce insurgency as terrorism.

The War on Terror- we criminalise any response to our actions- and we give legitimacy to criminals who wish to plan terrorist attacks everywhere. When you declare war- you generally get war. This war has been going on for ten years now-what has the effect been on terrorism?

I know people will be calling for the heads of these soliders, and they obviously share responsibility. But when you send young men-boys- into a war of aggression-where they are under attack- this is part of what happens.

This is not new. At least these helicopters were manned- unlike the CIA drones we use. I know we will hang these soldiers out to dry, but it was President Obama himself asking for the extension of the use of those.

Why isn’t there anything about this video on BBC news?

I know its terribly surprising that an election was called for May 6th. What is the point in election campaign time, if we don’t use it to demand clarity from our political parties? Where do they stand on this video- or on the issue of our dangerous and aggressive foreign policy?

In the meantime, I’ll just prepare myself for the the increased terror threat every time I go on holiday, or use public transport shall I?

Support our troops? The best way to support the young men we send to fight our wars, is to make sure those wars are justified, and they don’t have to resort to dehumanising the ‘enemy’ and end up living with the result of that. Or dying.

The age of perpetual war.



  1. Isn’t it time to fish out those old copies of 1984, dust off the cover and read again? George Orwell describes that for dictatorships to flourish (with internal legitimacy) they have to have a perpetual “other” with whom to wage war. It’s so sad that this still seems true (we’ve been through the French, Germans, “Commies” and now we have Islam…and Islam has “us”).

    What has changed since 1948, when Georgie published his missive, is that the media, so crucial in “198” to Big Brother, can now actually help the truth come out.

    Still, the usefulness of that does depend on people caring and acting accordingly. I heard this morning that the last Gen Elec in UK got a woeful 60% turnout. Maybe people are disillusioned, but that’s no excuse – go vote for the weirdo just to make a point. I quite like compulsory voting systems as we have in Oz. Some say it contradicts the whole point, but at least it gets the buggers to turn up, and you can always just spoil the ballot paper.

    Fingers crossed May 6 drums up a few more people exercising their hard for sound-bite of democracy.

  2. The reason we won’t be seeing this on TV is the same reason the Metropolitan Police and the CPS decided to bury evidence of phone tapping and pretend it was all down to one person at Rupert Murdoch’s organisation.No-one wants to rock the boat and the truth is far, far less important than crawling around media owners. We might as well get on with it and just elect murdoch and Simon Cowell World President & PM. Tragically, I don’y think most people would see any real difference at all.

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