April 5, 2010

I promise this will be short.

Bed and Breakfast is a business.

Your sexual preference is part of who you are.

We understand people have ‘sincerely held beliefs’ about homosexuality. That’s why legislation was necessary.

You can have as many sincerely held beliefs about homosexuality, race, or gender, as you like.

To refuse to rent a room in a bed and breakfast, or hotel, to someone because of your ‘sincerely held beliefs’ about homosexuality- is not a belief. It is refusing to offer someone a service because of who they are. Not because of a behaviour. Not because of a quantifiable effect on your business.

You can believe what you like. You can choose in who you have in your home. You just don’t get to use your business or your beliefs to perpetuate discrimination against British citizens. That has been the case since 1975/6- so really unsure what the problem is now. Oh yeah-its homosexuality not race-whatever.

You get to object about someone having sex in your home. I have never stayed at a bed and breakfast where the fact that I may have sex in the private room that I was renting for the night might be a problem.

See- it’s not very hard.

We had this debate before- when boarding houses used to put up signs saying ‘No Blacks/No Dogs/No Irish‘. It’s been done. It isn’t a complicated one. Although it usually goes on for a while.


One comment

  1. Thanks for link, it has just made me re-think the connection between the two.

    Why are we constantly having to re-invent the wheel like this?

    Why haven’t we managed to move on?

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