April 3, 2010

Sometimes I have to use this blog to explore complex dillemmas I am facing. This morning is one such occasion. Afternoon.

I have just woken up, and am child free. Poor planning means that I have run out of milk, and before I have my first cup of tea of the day I need to go to the shop.

Here is my dilemma. I can go to –

A) Post Office. Where Marion behind the counter will grill me to within an inch of my life for new gossip to share with the village. She will also note that I am only just up, and will speculate on the reasons for this. Her speculation will be much more interesting than the reality. *She will also comment on my weight.

B) Local Shop. This is usually the preferred option. However- yesterday I walked in as the shopkeeper was trying to figure out what the box of vibrating cock rings he had accidentally ordered was. He is a very conservative muslim gentleman-and his reaction to discovering what these items were, was a mixture of shock and fascination.

The fact that I was able to explain that these were quite commonly sold  means he now thinks I am the worlds foremost expert on cockrings. I cannot have this conversation before I have at least had a cup of tea.

*added later as remembered that she ALWAYS does this.



  1. I think you should go to the cock ring shop and by 2, & with a perfectly straight face say, “They’re for my husband, i’m a very lucky lady!”

  2. Completely agree with ‘Arseburgers’….

  3. ‘Arseburgers’

  4. go to the nearest. It gives you interesting material for your blog, whatever happens

  5. Please tell us what happened.

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