Open Letter to Nick Clegg from a Canadian!

March 22, 2010

When politicians cite policies from other countries, it can be tempting to just assume that they are right- and this way is better. This open letter to Nick Clegg, from a Canadian living in UK, offers interesting insight into proposed Lib Dem economic policy.



  1. Thanks for linking through Lisa!

    Glad you found it useful:)


    • We hear politicians wax lyrical about policies in other countries- and in a similar to way to Americans thinking free health care means death panels. Its helpful to have perspective of someone who saw, and understood policy, so thank you!

  2. I’m not sure Liam quite got the sentiment behind Clegg’s talk on deficit reduction. He was saying that the Canadian model of communication should be followed not necessarily the priorities.
    For example, social housing is a high priority for the Lib Dems, so that isn’t something that will be ignored for the deficit.

    • Fair comment! How are you?

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