Dear Jesus,

March 13, 2010

I am writing to help you with your attempts to reach the masses.

Many things have changed since your day. We now have worldwide media, that allows you to get your message out. While I am sure that appearing in bacon pans, cheese toasties, and pretzels, was effective 2000 years ago, there are more efficient means of communication now. May I suggest contacting a journalist at an international news organisation, or utilising the new social networking tools that are available. There are professionals who actually specialise in communication and marketing, who I am sure would be more than able to help.

Also, while I am here, could you go pay a visit to Rome. There is an organisation there, that would really benefit from you visiting and clarifying the basic difference between right and wrong.

Hope you find a more suitable communications strategy.

Kind Regards



One comment

  1. That has to be near the top of my wish list of impossible things I wish could happen – I’m rather concerned that Jesus is sitting up there, watching the Vatican and doing absolutely nothing about their “christian” actions!

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