Secret Ballots and a Daily Fail shocker.

March 8, 2010

Apparently Samantha Cameron may not vote Tory.

I know, for the Daily Mail, it is a shocker that a woman may not vote under instruction of her husband. Imagine, a woman fully able to evaluate how ready a political party is to govern the country, without her clever ‘ole husband helping her.

I wonder what sources the Daily Mail are using to reveal which box Samantha Cameron ticks on the secret ballot. Maybe someone at the Fail decided that the secret ballot, which has been seen as a key factor in fair democratic elections since the Chartist movement, really shouldn’t be available to women….we should probably be supervised.

But while this awesome responsibility is available to silly old us, how about this- you don’t get to make a story out of what happens in the ballot box. The way Samantha Cameron votes, is her business.  Not her husbands. Not the Daily Mail’s. Not mine.

And if there were ever a story that was irrelevant to this election campaign……


One comment

  1. The daily fail at its best, who buys this shite

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