Gordon Brown ‘Bullying’.

February 21, 2010

Gordon Brown has been accused of being a bully. As he has been portrayed as a fairly dour, browbeaten sort of a chap so far, this was not wholly surprising.

We need to be clear here, if the leader of your country, has been accused of bullying, its a problem. I am sorry, but it is. I know its weeks before an election, I know that the ‘bullying helpline‘ feature a Cameron quote, and a Widdecombe quote on their website, and have two Tory patrons. I didn’t say, that I believed this charity’s motivation was pure- but if the allegation has substance,  it has to be dealt with. Sorry. Thats above party politics. Or it should be.

In terms of the election, I don’t think this is the boon that the Conservative party think it is.

See, I wasn’t actually that surprised about the allegations. Not because I have secret insider information(yeah, Gordon has been popping round to beat me up!)-but because he didn’t have that great an image to start with. However much Mandy and Campbell want his ‘personality’ brought to the fore, Browns approval, or otherwise, has never been about image. Image was Blair’s arena. However misleading that image may have been.

Labour are fighting their own record, and the record of Gordon Brown’s predecessor. Oddly enough, like the Hoon and Hewitt ‘leadership challenge‘,  this episode seems to have reinforced a perception of Brown, as a strong leader, with a party united behind him. People appear to interpret bullying, as strength, which is a quality, one could argue, they are seeking from a leader in this climate. Besides, who hasn’t seen Thick of It?

On the other hand, the Conservative Party, are fighting this entire election on David Cameron’s image. They are hoping that Dave will be so personally appealing, we won’t notice that behind the rhetoric, it appears that Cameron and Osborne are presenting a Thatcherite manifesto, as compassion.

The championing of the underdog doesn’t sit well, when it is coming from the party who have historically felt more irritation at the nations pesky employees demanding employment rights, and who apparently don’t have a problem with the same issue, when its one of their people. Especially not on the day that they announced the plan to get the taxpayer, to pay off our bank’s debts again. Peoples scepticism at their sincerity, will not be soothed by the discussion, about their level of involvement in this. We like to pretend that elections aren’t fought this way.

Electorally speaking, this is a storm in a teacup. Which is a shame, because if the Prime Minister has treated his staff this way, it is unacceptable.


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  1. I loved your BAfTA want to see film tweets (concur) and so slipped across to your blog.
    I have big prob with Cameron not least because of where we live (feudal Scotland).It is so easy to talk the talk (e.g. state schools) if you have private income. Cam can afford decent chilcare, so yes, Sam can work. I can’t post at length because I am on a blackberry, on a beautiful Hebridean island where I tested my kids’ cook book. I chose geographically isolated as opposed to so called socially excluded kids …… the need to be totally inclusive is off the radar of so many Tories. I have a blog and will link you when I have internet access.

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