Does anyone know where the Lib Dems are?

February 21, 2010

I haven’t seen much of the Liberal Democrats election campaign. I realised this, and went to look for their website. Which I am reading. Isn’t the point of an election campaign, to get your message out there though?

If I was a Lib Dem candidate, or party activist, right now, I would be coming in my pants.

People like me, who are Labour at heart, can’t vote for Labour. The Conservatives are sending a very strong message out, about how ‘competent’ they are, and what principles drive them. Gordon Brown, and David Cameron, are nearly neck and neck, with a personal approval rating, of zero. There is a very strong possibility of a hung parliament. Thats like a big shiny box, with a big yellow bow, and a hand engraved invite, to increase their margin dramatically, with a free gift. What are they doing?

All I am seeing from the Lib Dems, is statements on their website, responding to the statements of other parties. That, does not, a campaign make.

It shouldn’t take someone who is actually, quite geeky, about the whole current affairs thing, having to go and look for the Lib Dem website, to find out what they are doing.


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