New Cameron Gimmick.

February 19, 2010

David Cameron wants public sector workers take over their services, using co-ops.

How surprising is this one really? A party committed to rolling back the welfare state, has a policy which removes the responsibility for provision of essential universal basic public services, away from central, and local government. They are not then responsible for delivery of these services. Better  able to disguise budget reductions. Less accountability for service users. Greater variance in service delivery.

Workers in these co-ops won’t have the power to change the legislation and guidelines they operate under, they won’t have any control over national budgets-they will just take all the responsibility away from central government for the quality of service delivered. Brilliant deal. Like a franchise, where you are clusterfucked- taking all the blame for shortfalls in service provision, while having no control over your falling budget, or the legislation and guidelines you work to? Cameron stands back and says, we told them what the rules are, but its not my fault they can’t deliver….its a co-op.

Cameron compared it to the ‘Right to Buy Scheme’. The ‘Right to Buy’ Scheme, decimated the stocks of social housing. There was no move to replace housing stocks- just the transfer of ownership to the private hands. Community Care legislation marketised the management of these ever decreasing stocks, passing responsibility to smaller and smaller agencies- those agencies then take responsibility for allocating those seriously diminished stocks, each of them offering housing to a smaller and smaller group of people, and the social housing sector erodes.

Astute comparison.

I love the fact that they have the audacity to dress rolling back public services, as a radical left wing move.


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