Children Reading.

February 17, 2010

I know I shouldn’t do it, but I watched The Wright Stuff this morning. Apparently kids are not reading enough.

I don’t get how this is possible. THere are more kids books than ever before. It is easier to get a childrens book, or teen fiction book, published, than ever before. THere are more books available for children, more beautiful, well written, beautifully illustrated books,  and more specialist childrens bookshops, doing a roaring trade. Children use libraries more regularly than adults, buy more books than they ever did. What are they doing with these books? Making collages.

I am going to go and clean Rachel’s room in a minute, and while I am putting a hundred or so, well thumbed books, back on her shelves, I will ponder what it is that I need to do- to get her to read. What a challenge.



  1. We have encouraged our very young daughter to be a total bookworm from the word go (she is only 11 months old). she currently wants to play with books more than anything (obviously she cannot yet read).

    I think reading is increadibly important and is one of those skills you should encourage and monitor a bit like a hawk, so many children don’t read because their parents are semi-illeterate mainly because schools were negligent (certainly in the late eighties when I was there this was true) over dislexia, any child who reads or is read to regularly is to my mind +ly advantaged over those that do not.

    It encourages imagination and is clearly one of the most valuable life skills you can possess, I do however beleive that some parents leave children to “rot” on computers and tv (and me a computer programmer) because they are “too busy”.. the sad thing is they should never be too busy to teach their children to love books or anything else and it is those this program refers too.

    Unfortunately those types of parents are in abundance but I know that for every one of them there is another parent like you doing their level best to ensure their childrens good development.

  2. Both my children have discovered the love of books that illuminated my own childhood. Indeed they show the good taste to prefer the written word to the drivel that passes for children’s television these days.

    As your previous commentator noted I think many children never learn to read because their parents simply do not have or do not take the time to sit down with them and take the first precious steps into the worlds that exist beyond the printed pages. It is easier to allow Mr TV and Mrs GameBoy to look after them while we adults cook, clean and everything else. We forget that by doing so we deny them some of the greatest pleasures they will ever know.

  3. Stories are vital to stimulating a child’s imaginative process

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