How to win the women’s/mums vote.

February 8, 2010

I have been subjected to debate, after patronising debate, by politicians in the last weeks, about how ‘we’ go about winning the votes of women, or mothers.

Answer is very simple. By being competent politicians. Not entering into illegal wars. Make sure your response to the economic problems we are having, is a response designed to help the british people, and keep the economy going, and which doesn’t just protect business interests. Protect the public services, that allow us to raise our children.

The fact that I have a uterus, that has been used, has not impaired my cognitive abilities. (Although the exhaustion of trying to balance employment, and my family, in a system clearly not designed for women and mothers, did cause some memory loss). The fact that I am ‘sans penis’, does not somehow mean that I need a raft of policies, which treat me as stupid. I don’t want a tax allowance that rewards me for being married, and I would quite like politicians to stop with the insinuation, that if they print the ballots in pink, with a free shoe voucher attached for every vote, somehow I will become engaged with the political process.

You don’t need strategies for female voters. You need to stop treating female voters, as ‘they’- some marginalised section of the population whose heads are too empty, for the complicated machinations of our political system. Maybe when you realise that women are not some marginalised left wing group, and we actually constitute half of the population. The half of the population who just happen to be most likely to be bearing the unpaid caring responsibilities of the nations children, and elderly, in addition to the responsibility of the contributions that we make in our various lives- maybe then you have a hope of ‘reaching out’.

Women are alienated from the political process, not by virtue of posession of a uterus, but for the same reasons that anyone else would be alienated from the political process. Tackle that.

In the meantime, do you mind awfully, if I reject participation in your discussions about how to win ‘female’ voters, and concentrate on the major issues that face the country I live in. If you haven’t yet figured out how to make your policies relevant to half the population , then you probably should look at a different line of work.

Samantha Cameron



  1. It is an interesting fact that most of us are disenfranchised from politics because of the lack or real debate – it’s all fluff and nonsense. There are only a few good people left who really talk properly.

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  3. Would like to be clear, that in my current financial situation, a free pair of shoes with each vote, might actually make me vote your way… think on Cameron- are you the party of women? If so, where the fuck are my laboutins?

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  5. Maybe a lot of us are disenchanted and won’t blindly follow as easily as men. Perhaps females aren’t meant to reign the way males enjoy doing so therefore there’s little room for us. All of the forms of politicking are so male based, what woman would want to be a part of such a network? Who would want to associate with males in the first place?

    • I think the main consideration for me, with this particular disaster, is that the organisation has established structures in Haiti, regardless of ideaology underpinning them. I don’t usually donate to charities like Oxfam, as I have a problem with their size, and the power which being an aid provider gives, on that scale. However, I think there are times when pragmatic issues come before ideaological ones, and this is one of those times.

      And when the issues that aid providers are facing, are basic ones like water supplies, infastructure and shelter- then I think gender becomes irrelevant. I think people are people, and the people in Haiti are going through something unimaginable, without western aid agencies pinning their own agenda on the aid given.
      My only hope for the aid, is that part of it is supporting Haitians in reestablish their country, and survive this.

  6. why this obsession about ILLEGAL wars. the law is not very clear and there were differing views about its legality, and the courts here decided it was within the discretion of the government. so END OF for legality arguments pls.

    PS I did not agree with the decision to invade Iraq and was on the 1M+ march with my kids against it, but it is all history now

    • The law is very clear. A war of aggression with the goal of regime change, is an illegal war. And when you have friends whose post traumatic stress disorder, includes the fear of being a war criminal- then the legality becomes very important. It also becomes very important, when we have conflicts that are very volatile going on, which coudl have massive consequences, world wide-because the rest of the world perceives what we did, as a war of aggression. THen, the legality becomes very very important. We are a democratic country, and if we refuse to obey international law, never put ourselves in a position where we are accountable- then actually we place ourselves in a very vulnerable place. Yes. The legality does matter, a great deal.

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