Alistair Campbell Crying.

February 8, 2010

When my stepkids were teenagers, as teenagers do, they used to push the boundaries. I once watched one of my stepsons steal a £20 note, from my purse. I challenged him about it, showed him where he had just put the note. He outright denied it. Then was absolutely righteously indignant that I would accuse him of this. Accused me of hating him, because I wasn’t his real mum. Then burst into tears, at the fact that our relationship had broken down to the point, where I would think he would steal.

We grounded him, and took the note back.

On Sunday morning, Alistair Campbell was on the Andrew Marr show. He was asked whether the telling Parliament that there was ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ evidence of WMD,when there wasn’t, was misleading Parliament.

He paused. He was overcome. He took a deep breath. As he exhaled, and fought back tears, talks about ‘how much he has been through’, he then tells us ‘Tony Blair is a deeply honorable man’.

Andrew Marr moved on to another less difficult line of questioning. I recalled stories about crocodiles.

If I had been instrumental in a war that had such a high human cost, I would probably cry. I am not sure how I could live with myself, but Mr.Campbell wasn’t crying for the lives that have been lost. The fact that tears only showed, when he was asked a question he couldn’t answer, speaks volumes. Has Mr.Campbell ever been asked about how he feels about the price the world is paying, and will pay, for this war?

Given the entire justification for this war, has been reduced, on Tony Blairs and Alistair Campbells part- to ‘I believed’, ‘our perception of risk’ and tears, and yet still neither of them has actually managed to provide a justification for the illegal Iraq war, based in fact-facts based on something that Iraq had actually done, I am guessing that these two, quite smart men, are absolutely aware of the lack of justification for their actions.

That must be quite frightening, and give Gordon Browns coming appearance at Chilcot, and given that people are showing that they refuse to confuse Tony Blairs ‘honor’, and their ‘feelings, with a legal justification for war. The public opinion that protected them, at the time they were misleading and bullying Parliament, has dissipated, and the accusation of Parliament being misled, gives everyone a very easy get out clause, so that they can stand up and be honest about the nature of Parliamentary process at the time- I can see why tears may have come.

I do love that he laced the blog post discussing his ’emotional time’ on the show, (ostensibly about Gordon Brown) with enough comparisons of Tony Blair, and Gordon Browns media skills, that he managed to make an attack, look like like a post of support. Making sure that everyone knew he hadn’t bothered watching the Piers Morgan interview, that bore his own signature, so blatantly. If I were Gordon Brown, I would find a spin doctor who could speak without undermining me.

I love that the only tactics he and Tony Blair have, are the tactics of teenagers, caught with their hand in your purse.

From implying that Andrew Marr may have been somehow harbouring an agenda, by asking him about his clearly evidenced misleading of Parliament. Yeah- outrageous that a journalist might ask that-clear evidence of bias, and conspiracy.

That said, Alistair Campbell never really understood that we were a democracy, and that journalists are supposed to ask questions. That a healthy democracy encourages discussion, and isn’t just about the ‘beliefs’ of one or two men, and that opposition is actually democracy in action, rather than a ‘strategic communications failure‘.

The only newsworthy aspect of this, is that it is yet another occasion, when Mr.Campbell et al, cannot answer basic fundamental questions about the war they orchestrated.

Mr.Campbell, here it is, very very plainly. Your feelings, Tony Blairs honor, don’t make a defence-at some point you are going to have to answer these questions.

Also, while am here, say thanks to Tony for telling the world, that the only thing that changed after 9/11 with regard to Iraq, was his perception of risk. You know what it’s called when your perception of risk changes, even though the risk posed hasn’t. Thats pretty much textbook paranoia. And paranoia, is not justification for war. No matter how honorable the man who is paranoid.



  1. “I believe that Alistair Campbell’s tears were absolutely genuine, geunine tears of self pity.” Will Self

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