Letter to David Cameron

February 5, 2010

Dear Mr. Cameron.

I read your comments today, regarding the treatment of people, who may seek asylum, as a result of persecution, as a result of their sexuality. Shame you weren’t so up for the rights of gay people, when you voted against Clause 28 being repealed, on the grounds that it played to the

‘fringe agenda… including deeply unpopular moves like repealing Section 28 and allowing the promotion of homosexuality in schools’.

When you were  voting against the right for lesbians to undergo IVF, or for the banning of gay couples from adopting children, you remained consistent. Suddenly, with an election looming, the fringe agenda, is where you are at. Good on you for being able to recognise the magazine the ‘fringe agenda’ read. Shame you apparently think that people who are attracted to people of the same sex, also have stupidity and memory loss.

Still, this policy fits with your immigration aims right? Are these people who are genuinely persecuted, and at risk of death, going to get in, if it means going over the immigration caps that you are imposing.

I suppose it beats the raft of policies to help families, you announced recently. You know the ones where you bring back the married persons tax allowance, to encourage stable families, paying for it by ‘streamlining’ Surestart. Where in the same package of policies, your chancellor described what was actually left of the old married persons tax allowance, which is now the family element of working families tax credit, and usually paid, as the married persons tax allowance would be, to high earning families, as wasteful. And then, while announcing a tax benefit for the families most likely to be high earners- you want to look at rates of tax credits, for the rest of the working families, in the country. You managed a policy that simultaneously showed that Tory values, and their narrow definition of a family, are still holding strong. You managed to show economic incompetence, AND you managed to show people just how hard you were willing to hit the poorest, to benefit the considerably more well off. Well done.

Seriously Mr.Cameron. Voters are not morons. Probably not qualified to say this, but actually, I think these things might have had a little bit to do with your slip in the polls….

I feel, as an ex labour voter, I can offer you the benefit of my experience. The country has had one leader, who  showed he was willing to abandon his party values, and beliefs, for power. It didn’t go well. The country learned, maybe you should. You really don’t have that much campaigning time left, and most of your margin is about how much people hate labour. The only thing you have to achieve, is make yourself look more competent than Gordon Brown. That isn’t that hard, yet you do seem to be struggling.

Oh, and Mr.Cameron- you alienate your core support, at your peril.

Yours Sincerely,


PS. Thanks for the campaign posters. They have been a joy. You could try this variation of mocking them, it has been the cause of much amusement and timewasting, for me and my friends. Tuckerise it!!


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