Waking naturally.

January 23, 2010

This is a post for parents. Only a parent can truly know how precious it is, to wake up naturally. To go to bed, and to wake up, when your body and mind decide they are ready.

A moment of panic, as you wake, and realise it is actually light, and there is noone screaming in your ear, demanding toast, or jigsaws. An internal debrief allays your fear that you have somehow overslept, and your child is playing with razor blades, or drinking bleach, unsupervised, somewhere in the house. The quick run through in your head, as you figure out what day it is.

Only to arrive at the conclusion, that it is a Saturday morning. A child free Saturday. And that while you may have things to do today, many many things, you also have the opportunity to sit and drink tea, on your own. Listening to Radio4.  Or turn back to the duvet, and stay in bed a while longer. Simple pleasures.

Although would be more pleasurable, if someone would make me a brew..


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