Terror threat

January 23, 2010

I know I am bit cynical, but a guy burns his leg on an aeroplane. A guy we know about, a guy whose own father warned us about him-where we may as well have had an up to date CV, a big sign on his head saying ‘I am here’, and who probably told customs he had explosives in his pants, putting paid to the myth of ‘liar liar, pants on fire’.

This guy burns his leg, miraculously, at a time when Gordon Brown is  trying to justify the expense required to tackle the dangerous mess in Pakistan, created by the war on terror, and our ill advised military jaunts. A time when money being poured into Pakistan, is dressed  as anything but what it is. All of a sudden we increase the terrorist threat to severe.

Hey presto, we now need cameras in the sky, to revolutionise policing, and increase surveillance capacity. I suppose the friends of mine on this list have nothing to worry about. Terrorism is the threat right? Not authoritarianism.


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