January 23, 2010

Today, I had several things to do. Once all those things were done, I was free to go and do something else. Something entirely more fun.

I wake up. I realise it is a child free day, I am very pleased. I decide that a waste of this precious quiet time, would be an affront to anyone with a sense of civility. So I have a cup of tea. And there it begins.

I did manage to make it to the shower, 3 hours later. I don’t want to be entirely unfair on myself, during those three hours of drinking tea, and dossing on the net, I did manage to successfully use internet banking, to sort my standing orders, and pay some bills. Which is the first time I have successfully managed to do this. However, the management of my finances, led to the realisation that I could, if I so wished, with only a bit of magical magitrickery next week, afford a very very pretty dress. This led to much soul searching, as I fought my shallow irresponsible side. Which took a great deal of time, many posts on twitter, and at least three cups of tea.

And hey ho, a miracle has occured. I have procrastinated for so long, that if I start doing the things that need to be done now(ie cleaning, and domestic drudgery), I will not be finished in time to make it to the shop that is selling my very pretty dress. Which means that procrastination has saved me £60. Procrastination may be the thief of time, but it has saved me money, and at least two panics next week, as I realised that buying that dress was a damn foolish thing to do.

So I felt I had to share this. Not that I am using writing this blog to procrastinate…..


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