Married Persons Tax Allowance

January 20, 2010

Am confused as to the point of a married persons tax allowance.

I got married, I meant it absolutely sincerely. I gave my marriage, everything I had, as did my ex husband. We are good people, and it didn’t work. The dying days of a marriage are a very very unhappy place, and I don’t recall a single point, where taxation was something we considered.  Splitting up already had a massive financial cost. For both of us, existing as single people, is financially much more ‘challenging’ than when we shared £70k a year income.

I do not understand what it is precisely, that I have done, that warrants me being penalised for my life decisions by being taxed more heavily, or losing tax breaks.

If we are going to use taxation to impose morality on people, is a romantic personal relationship between adults, ending, really the behaviour we want to choose? And if this is a tax to benefit children, children can’t get married. And actually not all married are obliged to have children.

The ‘punish the wicked’ streak I have running through me, thinks it would be quite nice to use taxation to impose morality. We could tax companies who exploit people more heavily? We could tax people who put adverts about selling your gold on childrens television channels, or companies who offer to take your log book, in return for a small cash loan with an APR of 437%. Sod it, I would quite like there to be a penalty on being Richard Madeley.

What effect will there be of all these people, staying  together for a tax break? Two unhappy people, detesting living together, in full view of their kids. Wahay! Guaranteed winner that, society should reap the rewards… And where is the money coming from-oh thats right Sure Start. Well, its not like its a project for the most vulnerable children in our society… Actually, in the same package of policies- George Osborne describes the remnants of the old married persons tax allowance, now paid within the tax credit system, to the highest earning families, as wasteful. How can it be wasteful, and a brilliant idea at the same time?

Actually, am still married. I might as well stay that way. A piece of paper is meaningless once we aren’t together anyway.


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