I better not post this really….

January 18, 2010

Yesterday, I was trying to get home from  a weekend away. It turned out the ticket that I had paid £18 for the day before, didn’t entitle me to a train. The man selling me the ticket, neglected to mention this.

I won’t bore you with the sequence of events, but after being at Preston train station for two hours, I found out that basically in order to travel the journey home, which would take an hour longer than it should, and include another train and a coach, I would have to occupy my daughter for another two hours in a train station first.

When my phone beeped, as friends tried frantically to locate a car seat so they could come and get me, the woman I was speaking to, threatened to have me ejected from her mobile phone free office.  This was after telling me that while she understood my concerns, it was hardly likely she would be able bto do anything, as the bit of the railway I was complaining about was owned by a whole different company, who didn’t have any staff at this particular railway station.

When I assumed she was joking, and she reiterated her threat to have me ejected, I swore in frustration, which was enough for her to tell me if I swore again, she would call the police, as that language was unnecessary. By the time I had told her that swearing was invented for precisely these sort of occasions, and was entirely fucking necessary, issued a stream of expletives and burst into tears, all in full view of my daughter, who quite frankly deserves better from her mother, I was happy to just leave and part with the £60 it would cost me for a taxi home.

After a journey home, where part of the road was closed, resulting in a 4 mile detour, while the taxi meter racked up more and more money…. I was quite pissed off.

I joked on twitter, that after I had had a cup of tea, I would be blowing up the entire rail network. Should have been a bit more careful. This man found himself arrested after doing the same. Funny how quickly the basic rights that come with living in a democratic country are dissapearing, under the guise of the fight to protect them.

So I will say this -terrorism isn’t the threat; if you think it is, you are an imbecile. Authoritarianism is the threat; if you think it isn’t, you are an imbecile.



  1. This is getting a scary world to live in… not because of the threat of terrorists but because of the way Governments use fear of such events to create a society where they can have more control under the guise of protecting us.

    If someone was really going to blow up an airport (or indeed the rail network) they’d hardly tweet or blog about it. People working for the public sector really need to think twice before just aimlessly following orders (although I suspect they do that because it’s easier than thinking!) otherwise they will be too busy being Big Brother to deal with the real problems.

  2. Did they ever give you your £60 back? This is the biggest problem with privitisation, too many cooks

  3. browsin’. found this.

    “So I will say this -terrorism isn’t the threat; if you think it is, you are an imbecile. Authoritarianism is the threat; if you think it isn’t, you are an imbecile.”

    awesome… I’m stealing it 🙂

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