January 13, 2010

Sometimes, something happens that is so bad, that our money is needed, and organisations who are already placed in Haiti, who have structures which can get aid through, need money quickly. I promise I don’t do this often – but please make a donation to one of the appeals for Haiti. I know people have mixed feelings about different charities, but whether it be the Red Cross, Medicin San Frontiers, Oxfam, DEC, or one of many other organisations. Whatever you can afford, this is a very very poor country already, and what has happened there is too much to even begin to contemplate-pray if you really must, but please donate something.

I will leave this post sticky, so that you can easily find the link. Apologies if it appears over a post about something completely random.


One comment

  1. I don’t know about you, but I’d be more comfortable giving money to:
    A female organization, where the dollars go to helping only females, with the cash taken out of my hands by females, to be used, yes only for females. Same thing with all donations, but it’s not the case 100%. Usually ever. I will not donate any funds to any male ever.

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