Gina Ford

January 12, 2010

Here is my guilty secret. I hide Gina Ford books. If I am in a bookshop, I make a point of detouring to the baby book section. I take the Contented Little Nazi books, and I hide them. I hide them under displays, in different sections of the shop, behind other books. I don’t obviously go in the shop solely with the intention of doing this, that would be the actions of a mentalist. I am aware that this is a very juvenile thing to do, but I consider it a public service.

If I had the money, I would buy them and burn them.

I stumbled across her book, after 6 months of sleep deprivation had pushed me to near insanity, on a day where I had fallen  asleep on the toilet at work, and my boss had left me there for an hour, because he thought I needed it. I figure when you have slept on the toilet at work, with your knickers round your ankles, and woken up with a blanket over your knees to protect your modesty, you will try anything.

Gina Fords overly prescriptive, cold, call0us methods, carefully written to play on the lack of knowledge, the insecurity, and the desperation of new parents- made my life a living hell, as we tried to implement her routine. The rare moments of joy,that pushed through the fog of sleep deprivation, removed, as I treated them as threats to Gina Fords promise that if I just did a), b) and c), my baby would be contented, and we would both sleep.

Luckily, I ran into a breastfeeding counsellor, who was not only able to listen to me, but figure out why it was that my daughter was taking every single one of her feeds, during night time hours, and taught me ways to deal with it, without damaging the relationship with my daughter, and without turning the entire household into martyrs to a book. I will never forgive myself, for a single minute that I sat there ignoring her cries, on the advice of that book.

Gina Ford has a nasty habit of suing people, who dare criticise her book. She sued a well known baby website, after the parents who used it, dared to say that they didn’t like her methods.

Gina Ford, you can stick your contented little nazi book, where the sun doesn’t shine. I will continue to hide them when I see them, so your deceitful little pastel covered book, promising contented little babies, if you just automate the lives of your family, and ignore every instinct you have, is less likely to be seen as a saviour, by another sleep deprived, insecure young mum.



  1. lol. Good for you!

  2. Good for you I won’t grass you up. As someone who’s worked with babies before children as well as after, I don’t think someone who isn’t a mum can truly understand the bond between mother and baby and how hard it is to allow a baby who is yours to cry compared to a child who isn’t yours.

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