December 30, 2009

Instead of the usual list of resolutions, or a tired review of the past decade, I have decided to give you a list of words, which need to enter the modern lexicon in 2010.

Redormification- to go back to bed.

Neocoiffophobia -Fear of hairdressers.

Fucktard- Perjorative term.

Custard – Hybrid expletive, using ‘cunt’ and ‘bastard’, which can safely be uttered around children.

Organochavs – New social group, often evangelical about fair trade produce, and recycling. Drive big cars, and spend a lot of time ‘travelling’ abroad, while air fares are cheap . Easily identifiable, as often wear new clothing, designed to look faded, shapeless, and combining fabrics like hemp, wool, and occasional embroidery.

I may edit this post, to add new terms. If you can think of any you would like to add, just post, and I will oblige.


One comment

  1. Brilliant –
    “You fecking custard” will now be my battle cry of choice.

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