New Dolls House Furniture.

December 16, 2009

Rachel has a dolls house. A huge, wooden dolls house from the Early Learning Centre. I logged onto their website today, to check out new room sets for it. They are all pink. Shiny, sugary bloody pink. Would you rather have this, or this. She insists pink is her favourite colour, and yesterday she told me that girls don’t play football. She is three. Where is she getting it?

This was the ad for Early Learning Centre, mocking the dumb barbie dolls, that were about sales, and perpuating sterotypes. Sod it, I’ll go on ebay.



  1. The advantage of having an older brother growing up meant that I spent most of my childhood being a right little tomboy and playing with trains. I don’t think I was ever into pink (thankfully!)

  2. my friend’s blog about pink stuff for girls: http://leftofnarnia.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/under-the-pink/

  3. It makes your blood boil doesn’t it. I’ll swear it’s worse now that when my three were growing up. Here are my thoughts on getting a doll’s house for my grandson last Christmas: A suitable gift for a boy

  4. A very good point – I remember the adverts mocking the barbie doll useless toy mentality – when did they change their tune?

  5. It angers me every time I enter a toy shop. I am 35 years old and I had much more freedom to be myself than girls growing up now. They are all being forced into all pink rooms and their entire focus is to be about being pretty, about getting their hair and make up and nails done, getting pink girly clothes. And the only life worth living is that of celebrity. I feel sorry for what girls are forced into now. Even for babies, it’s pink for girls and everything else for boys. The role of women is definitely being pushed back by everyone, pressed on particularly by the media. I wish women would stop buying newspapers and magazines and that female celebrities would stand up and be counted instead of going with it like they are victims of it. If they all stood together they could make a difference.

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