Dear Mr.Programme Controller C/O Cbeebies

December 7, 2009

I watched Sid making an awesome rocket picture this afternoon. By the way, congratulations on hiring Sid, he improves the aesthetics of Cbeebies.

Sid put a piece of paper on the floor, squirted paint all over it, then bounced tennis balls through the paint. This looked brilliant. I totally want to do this. So does Rachel.

Thank you for thinking to show this activity, happening in a roomset. Rachel now thinks we should do this in the living room.

I am hiding the paints, and anything remotely resembling a tennis ball.

If my 3 year old daughter attempts this, or any variant of this- I will be suing.

Thanks awfully,




  1. Dear Deeply Flawed Butt Ring

    Thank you for your comments. We are particularly pleased that Sid’s aesthetic appearance meets with your approval. Recent customer surveys that we have undertaken have revealed that 74.56% of viewers feel that the average CBeebies presenter either “Too Closely Resembles” or “Very Closely Resembles” a happy clappy born again Christian on amphetamine sulphate. We are consciously trying to move away from this image.

    I have passed your further comments regarding the content of the programme in question to our Programming Excellence Champion. He has informed me that your complaint has been assigned a priority of “Low to Vanishingly Low”. His team will aim to get back to you in the next 10 to 15 years.

    With all our best wishes


    • Dear Cbeebies,
      I watched it through catchuptv.com and don’t pay my tv license.
      Thanks for giving me sid to look at.
      Yours ever more,

  2. Love this post! It’s a few years since we’ve watched cbeebies but the art content still hasn’t changed I see. Thanks for the chuckle this morning!

  3. lol. btw i heard a rumour that one of the cbeebies presenters is autistic? Is that true or what? I know Cerrie Burnell has a disformed arm which is totally fine but yeah I heard one of the men were autistic or something?? So I am a little confused, as I don’t really want my child to be influenced by this. Please tell me if this is true?
    thanks xxx:)

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