Ok ok…

December 6, 2009

..I try to avoid nauseating sentimentality-but sitting around, on a December Sunday, watching Miracle on 34th Street, in front of the fire, with a little girl who didn’t realise there were actual movies with Santa in them. That is pretty much reason in itself to become a parent.



  1. watching the santa clause with my daughter on xmas eve and hearing her say to santa “i’ll be in bed soon” as he flies off into the xmas eve night sky. reason enough to keep up the santa ‘truth’

  2. How lovely .. I bet you cried too .. that is sport in this house now .. what can make mum cry x

  3. I’m using the ‘Santa police’ at the moment. Not that it works, but it’s occasionally handy to be able to say, ‘You do know that Father Christmas can see everything you do, and that he TAKES AWAY a present everytime you do something naughty’.

    • I have been late to discovering the santa police. I just resented him getting the credit for the presents. Now, everytime I need to do anything, I say I will ring Santa- unbelievably effective. I will be so sad when christmas is over.

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