What confuses kids?

December 3, 2009

I watched Kung Fu Panda with Rachel. She was very confused by the fact that Kung Fu Panda’s dad, appeared to be a chicken. I have to say, I was also quite confused. She also refuses to watch Cinderella, because someone told her the Fairy Godmother was the good character, and she got confused between Godmother and Stepmother, and figured if the Stepmother was the nicest character, she wasn’t watching any more, cos that woman seemed a bit mean.

We live in this town, Hebden Bridge. Hebden Bridge is the self proclaimed lesbian capital of the UK. This means that Rachel comes across families of all shapes. Some of her friends have two mummys, some have one mummy. Some have mummys and daddys who live in seperate houses. Some have a mummy and a daddy in one house, AND a mummy and daddy in another house. Some have a mummy and a daddy in the same house. This has never confused Rachel. She is fairly certain of the difference between a man and a woman, and can easily understand that two mummys means two women, one mummy means one. She knows what a mummy is, she knows what a daddy is. She knows I have a boyfriend, and her friends mummy has a girlfriend. I can’t  recall a point where I had to explain this to her. I am not sure I ever have….

Perhaps if I had told her that loving someone of the same gender was not natural, or a sin, or that families only came in the form of a mummy and a daddy, I might then have to explain why I had lied to her. Perhaps thats where these people went wrong.

I am not  sure how to explain  a chicken is the dad of Kung Fu Panda….


One comment

  1. Apparently Kung Fu Panda adopted. Panic over.

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