Quick post for new readers…

November 30, 2009

Given that I haven’t had time to properly update this week, and have noticed I have a whole lot of new readers, I have prepared a quick guide to this blog.

Basically, there is no rhyme, reason, or pattern to what I post. You are as likely to find me ranting about porn, drugs, the Daily Mail, Nick Griffin, Roman Polanski as pontificating on my religious views, even the occasional cooking tips

Quite often it’s full of the banal, and the commonplace- because I am a parent-and when you are a parent, your business is the commonplace and the seemingly mundane. I write about the things Rachel and I do together, from boggit hunting, and ‘music‘ to the shock of watching her grow up, trying to remember what it was like to have a baby.

There is proof of the constructive way I spend my time, with my analysis of cbeebies programming, and I now like to offer the benefit of my hard won ‘wisdom’ to others preparing for parenthood. I occasionally write about people I admired.

I am not a writer, am not a journalist, and this blog is not pretending to be either of those things. Its just me, rambling, ranting, occasionally moaning, and trying to keep a record of an existence which is deeply enjoyable, but changing quicker than I can keep up with. I am deeply flawed, deeply biased, and a rabid militant feminazi, and am trying to raise my daughter that way… I often apologise, and I overuse commas. Oh, I am also quite nice- or I try to be.

I really hope you like reading it, and really really like getting feedback and comments- so please feel free to comment, even if its just to say that this is a pile of drivel, and I should be shot.

PS I also blogged about shit.



  1. well i’ve been reading you for a while now and I find your posts very honest, very to the point and quite frankly it’s a refreshign change from most journo’s writing.
    keep it up.

  2. lol yeah I`m loving what ya write … wish i had the words in me like you do :)))

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