A word about Ketamine.

November 27, 2009

Ketamine is a horse tranquiliser. It is for the horses. If you are not a horse, it is probably not for you. Vets train for a long time to adminster horse tranquiliser to horses. You need more than one line to learn how to adminster it to yourself.

Also drooling in the corner is not attractive. And Dubstep is just house for people who can’t be arsed dancing.

Also what about the horses? What are they doing on a Saturday night while you are taking their drugs? Watching X Factor? Is it right to inflict Cheryl Cole, and Louis Walsh on those poor horses? Cruel.

Also, if it is called ‘Rhino-Ket’- it is probably for rhinocerouses. Not you. And I can’t decide what the plural of ‘rhinocerous’ is.



  1. Hmmmm. Whilst I broadly share your views on the Catholic Church, I suspect that we will not see eye to eye on drugs.

    Legalisation with lots of education would get rid of K overnight, leaving only safer substances designed for animals with two legs.

    • I would be quite happy if that happened.

  2. Ha, I could not disagree more with your assessment of Dubstep as I lay out here: http://www.theartsdesk.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=294:dutch-dubstep-rave-party&Itemid=27

  3. Ketamine was first used by Soldiers in Vietnam before the bloody horses stole it all. We’re just taking back what is rightfully ours! 😉

  4. It is used as a horse tranquiliser, you’re right, but it’s also one of the few anaesthetics safe enough to be used on children. A fact that never gets mentioned when the media are having another moral panic about this substance. “Horse tranquiliser” makes a better headline than “paediatric sedative”.

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